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Automation, visibility & insights to accelerate
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to platform management and content distribution for:

Achieve remarkable results & ROI

The entertainment industry runs on the CVM platform. Our clients have:


2+ trillion TVOD, SVOD, AVOD transactions processed in the last 12 months


Billions of real-time movie and TV insights from millions of global consumers

Our clients have:


Increased efficiency of core content financial activities

Millions of $

Saved millions of dollars by expanding their business without adding resources to track content performance across streaming platforms


Saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on vendor overcharges and fulfillment fees


Rolled out promotions 80% faster and avoided thousands of dollars in pricing errors


Fast Performance Reporting Just Got Faster

The Industry’s Leading Performance Tracking Solution
Fully automated and auditable tracking of AVOD/FAST viewership and revenue by title.

The Whip Media Demand Score™

The only content evaluation tool that predicts demand across hundreds of thousands of titles for data driven licensing decisions.

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