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T-Mobile Austria Selects Mediamorph’s Content Value Management Platform (CVM) to Expand its Digital Footprint

World-class VOD infrastructure deployed to capture today’s connected consumer, offer an unparalleled customer experience and ensure flexibility for future growth.

New York City (Apr. 9, 2019)—Mediamorph, the leading Content Value Management (CVM) cloud platform responsible for powering the largest entertainment companies in the world, announced today that T-Mobile Austria, a leading provider of telecommunications, TV and entertainment in Austria, will use Mediamorph’s industry-leading solution to help streamline its video on demand (VOD) business.

With over 8.5 million subscribers T-Mobile Austria is offering a wide range of digital TV, video platforms and digital entertainment. T-Mobile had been challenged with supporting the VOD infrastructure required to help capture today’s connected consumer and was looking for a solution that would ensure flexibility for future growth.

Mediamorph will help T-Mobile automate their VOD platform with Content Value Management to more effectively capitalize on content contracts, control VOD royalties, streamline asset order and offer management as well empower their content ecosystem and supply chain management.

“As we open a new chapter in the digitization of Austria, entertainment and digital content are essential for our development as an integrated provider, and with this comes increased customer expectations,” said Jan Willem Stapel, CCO Consumer of T-Mobile Austria. “Scalability has always been key and Mediamorph enables us to deliver an even better customer experience by showcasing our valuable content.”

“Mediamorph has become the go-to provider enabling Operators and MVPDs to increase VOD revenue while radically reducing the time and cost of fulfillment,” said Rob Gardos, CEO of Mediamorph. “Mediamorph’s CVM platform drives greater accountability, flexibility and scalability to maximize revenues. Using our solutions, T-Mobile will be able to quickly scale, bringing more content, innovation and the right mix of offers to its customers.”

About Mediamorph
Mediamorph’s mission is to boost business performance and accelerate content value across the entertainment ecosystem. Our Content Value Management (CVM) platform orchestrates the 360° process that brings content value from provider to distributor to the connected consumer. With advanced analytics and real-time access to actionable data, our cloud-based software tracks trillions of transactions and billions of dollars annually to maximize media monetization. Mediamorph has become the industry standard for the business of content, empowering the world’s leading media and entertainment companies. For more information, please visit whipmediagroup.wpengine.com.