CVM Insights

Data-driven decisions that inform

The WHY behind the WATCH


Get the data you need to drive financial impact

Better Target

License your content to the right audience and know what to acquire, distribute and price

Refine Marketing

Get unique feedback and insights to fine-tune campaigns to maximum impact with key audiences

Predict Performance

Anticipate whether a title will be successful on certain platforms and in specific regions, ahead of its debut

Improve ROI

Capitalize on the value of content based on what’s resonating with viewers
and where

Go Beyond Traditional Metrics

Real insights to make real decisions

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Global 1st-Party Data

Highly engaged audience through the 16M
global users of the TV Time mobile app

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Device & Platform Agnostic

Understand audiences for all content
across all platforms and all devices

Unique Engagement Metrics

Powerful dashboards with centralized data to view content performance, gain audience insights and improve collaboration

The World’s Largest TV & Movie Tracking Platform

Our audience is your audience

Make Smarter Content Choices

Take the guess work out of knowing what your audiences want

Audience Anticipation

Deep data to understand what your audience
want to watch ahead of air date

Engagement Insights

Capture reactions, preferences, affinity,
following, engagement and much more


Custom Insights

Bespoke surveys to answer specific questions you
need across content, product and promotions