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Whip Media Group powers a market leading enterprise platform that provides a broad range of integrated services, enhanced by unique analytics, that enables the world’s leading entertainment organizations to more efficiently manage, distribute and monetize their TV & Movie content.

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The Leading Content Value Management Platform

The World’s Largest TV & Movie Tracking Platform

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Only Whip has the scalability to track billions of consumer actions and trillions of financial transactions that accelerate innovation for buyers and sellers of content.

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Our platform helps you value, predict, recommend and deliver content.

The audience-centric Content Value Management + TV / Movie tracking platform for the enterprise.

Grow & Retain Audiences

Understand what viewers want and get them the best content.

Drive Frictionless Distribution

Effortlessly put your content everywhere it needs to be.

Optimize Financials

Increase flexibility and automation to drive every drop of profit.

We help our customers make smart content choices.

We empower the largest studios, broadcasters, distributors, VOD platforms and beyond to increase the value of their content.

Find out what our data analytics can do for you

Delivering real-time access to the right, actionable content data.

Sales & Distribution

Spend more time selling and take the “missed” out of “missed opportunities”. 

Our platform is the new standard to drive end-to-end efficiencies in your digital distribution business by automating and streamlining tedious tasks like contract management, avails distribution and royalty processing. Get improved visibility into content usage and sales across all geographies, in real-time, to make more informed pricing decisions.  Free-up your workforce to maximize content value by more effectively promoting and packaging your assets on a global scale.

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CFO & Finance

Content is your biggest asset and spending is at its highest level.  Don’t you want to capitalize on the value of your content and extract every drop of profit?

Our platform helps you control your content spend across your entertainment ecosystem in real-time. Our solutions overcome the challenges of inflexible, often siloed legacy systems and manual processes.  We automate and provide sophisticated financial tools to improve the collaboration and visibility you need to understand and centralize agreements, track costs and process payments, get performance and usage data and refine content and finance strategies.  All of which help to free-up resources from manual processes and spreadsheets so that you can focus on understanding the true value of your content.

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COO & Content Operations

Managing the huge volume of VOD TV & Film content from hundreds to thousands of sources is daunting. Say bye-bye to manual overload and content confusion and effortlessly put your content everywhere it needs to be.

Our powerful, SaaS-based platform streamlines and manages content operations from licensing and contracts to settlements, and everything in between.  Whether you’re a buyer or seller of content, our platform ensures content flows correctly along the supply chain to your internal systems and partners, streaming platforms and storefronts with automated workflows for enriching assets, metadata, artwork and more. Content bottlenecks?  No problem.  Our sophisticated alert system lets you and your team react in real-time.

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Research, Programming & Marketing

If your ultimate goal is to boost viewership by delivering the most compelling content possible, you need the ability to understand and anticipate what audiences will watch and how they will react. 

Our platform delivers “the Why behind the Watch” to help you better understand your audiences and how they’re engaging with your content. Traditional viewer metrics are not enough; engagement is the true predictor.  Now, get easy to use dashboards with granular engagement data (reactions, preferences, anticipation, affinity) at the film and episode level from 13M multiscreen users. Want to capture insights or test promos before a show premieres? We can give you that too.

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Is scaling your systems to the new realities and complexities of content distribution sustainable?  You already know the answer.

Our Cloud SasS-based platform is purpose-built and battle-tested to enable you to connect the dots across departments and content operations. An open API architecture ensures rapid integration with your existing systems, partners and workflows.  Intuitive dashboards provide real-time system monitoring, performance reporting, graphical views of data elements and more.  All in real-time and at your fingertips.  Get results-driven technology that helps you optimize your organizations’ internal resources now and future-proofed for what’s next.

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