The Hollywood Reporter Covers the Whip Media Exchange’s Commercial Launch

The Hollywood Reporter covered the commercial launch of the Whip Media Exchange on March 29, 2022 and featured an exclusive interview with Sherry Brennan, the Exchange’s EVP and GM.

“We help the big players figure out which small players does it make sense to talk to, and we help the small players really find access to the big players and stand out and shine. And then we, of course, help the small players find each other where that’s appropriate,” Brennan told THR. “It really works at all levels, regardless of how big or small the client is.”

THR’s J. Clara Chan explained “the platform uses audience behavior data from Whip Media’s TV Time app, which allows users to track what they are watching and has 2.5 million active monthly users across 170 countries. Gleaning insights from that audience behavior, Whip Media then can create its proprietary ‘demand score’ to predict how TV and film titles up for sale may perform.”

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