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Can HBO Max Maximize the Value of Its Content?

With HBO Max being one of the last major entrants in the streaming wars this year, Whip Media Group set out to understand market perceptions of HBO Max and whether the “Friends” franchise and WarnerMedia’s vast content library will serve to attract and expand new audiences.


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OnDemand Webinars

WhipFLASH Webinar: Defining the New Normal for Theatrical Releases, Opportunities for Studios and Platforms

While COVID-19 has impacted the entertainment industry in ways never before imagined, the hardest hit segment is theaters. The use of ‘straight-to-home’ distribution strategies during the worldwide pandemic has changed the well-established theatrical release window. This session will present first-party research results detailing under what conditions audiences will return to theaters and motivations driving those decisions. We will also explore early consumer sentiment and behavior around the PVOD experience, including how genre, household make-up and the price-to-value equation differ based on generation, family status and frequency of movie-going.


OTT.X Wednesday Webinars: The Streaming Wars…Engaging the Connected Consumer

Recognizing the power of bringing their own content directly to consumers, media companies are creating their own distribution platforms. We know that consumers are cutting the cord at an ever-increasing rate, but what remains unclear is how they feel about the wealth of OTT choices that will soon be available. In this session, we will look at key markets and case studies to better understand consumer sentiment and intent toward the crowded streaming market, opinions on volume of choices, type of content and payment models, and how data can help you understand what content is likely to succeed and the importance of evaluating platform fit.


White Papers

NBCU Banking on the Bird
Will Peacock’s Streaming Service Fly?

With several streaming services launching in the last few months, Whip Media Group set out to understand market perceptions of Peacock and potential motivations and willingness to subscribe.


Quibi Launch

The Quest of Quibi
Is Paid Short-Form Streaming Ready For Prime Time?

With mobile video consumption exploding, Whip Media Group set out to explore if the market is ready for a new paid streaming service that can capitalize on the popularity of short-form video content.


Social Distancing and Streaming
The Must-Read TV TIME Reports

At the onset of the social isolation request, we set out to take an early pulse on peoples’ emotional state-of-mind and how this would impact their TV viewing habits. We surveyed viewers in both the US and the UK.

The majority of respondents are planning to socially distance/isolate themselves  and the vast majority are intending to increase their TV consumption during this period.



Case Studies