The Community-Driven Entertainment Database

The entertainment industry’s robust metadata resource that helps power systems
and viewer experiences.

Billions of curated crowd-sourced data elements

Enriched metadata from over 140,000 movies and 115,000 TV shows.

TheTVDB is the premier community-driven cloud sourced global entertainment database providing enriched metadata for TV and movies. With over 140,000 movies and 115,000 TV shows, our data comes from a heavily-moderated infrastructure of over 15,000 regularly contributing editors and a dedicated team making real-time additions and edits.

Our progressive new data sets are your building blocks to help you power unique
engagements and personalized viewership for today’s connected consumers.

Content titles and synopses
TV network and airing info, down to the episodic level
Cast, crew, and talent info
Genre classification
Global translations
Production companies and movie studios
Global box office stats
…and more!

A different type of data company
supercharging your current infrastructure

Our public and commercial APIs generate 30 billion calls monthly, solidifying TheTVDB as a leading powerhouse of deeply enriched metadata.